The Finnish Hovawart Club

Specialty show 2017

in Tervakoski, on sunday 30 July 2017



Maire Tõnurist, Estonia:
Puppies, Intermediate class (d/b), BOB-puppy
Baby class for puppies of 5 and not exceeding 7 mos, puppy class for puppies of 7 and not exceeding 9 mos!

Bojana Razpotnik, Slovenia:
Junior class (d/b), breeders' class

Beatrix Feix, Germany:
Open class (dogs), champion class (dogs), best dog

Sabine Kerschner, Austria:
Open class (bitches), best bitch, progeny class

Sabine Jacobs, Germany:
Working / veteran class (d/b), champion class (bitches), BOB-veteran, BOB

Entries by 3 July 2017:

Entry fee 38 € (club members 32 €), same owner's 2nd etc. dog and veteran class 32 € (club members 28 €), puppy classes 30 € (club members 25 €), over 10 year old veterans free of charge in veteran class.

Payment from abroad:
Account number: FI36 8000 1970 1057 15
Reference: 2110008

Please use the Finnish Kennel Club entry form and send it to Kaija Eerola, Alimaantie 210, FI-14200 Turenki, FINLAND, tel. +358 50 535 3799, e-mail   Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen. .


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